Thursday, June 27, 2013

What does YOUR day look like?

Here's a little story about what my days are like - Think of it as a Picture Book!

Both little boys don't EVER keep their clothes on...Miles is ALWAYS trying to steal Landen's Kindle
and if you look closely enough, you'll see that Emerson has permanent marker ALL OVER his legs and body!

Having a laundry basket for all those socks I haven't gotten around to matching yet invariably
turns into Emerson's goal for the day: "How many times can I get those socks dumped out, and how far and wide can I spread them?"

This is only ONE Board game spread around in a matter of minutes - you should see what  the ENTIRE CLOSET of them looks like all spread around!

For some reason the landing of the stairs is a favorite place for the boys to congregate with all their trucks and stuffed animals and toys!

Unfortunately Miles has found the strength to open the freezer and the tenacity to grab the ice cream and just 'go at it' free-nilly sans consent. This is, like all these pics, only one small snapshot of the MANY times I have found this situation!

Emerson on top of the counter...

Covered in RED punch....

As was the counter, his clothes,two barstools,  and a HUGE percentage of  the floor
that of course had just been mopped the night before!

No words needed here!

But on the other hand - 
there are these types of moments that MORE THAN MAKE UP FOR IT....

Why are they SO MUCH SWEETER when they are asleep?

It makes me happy whenever I see the kiddos playing together and getting along....

Well - they were actually 'enemies' in this version of "WWII" they made up in the backyard, complete with fortified barricades and water guns!

Emerson was so very cute this day - falling asleep on the landing of the stairs with all of his "stuff" he had gathered and then hauled up there himself!

This particular day the boys fell asleep and the older kids began to "pose" him with lots of props -
So very creative!

It is so crazy that they will NEVER take a nap for me and then when they finally crash somewhere, they are so
deeply asleep that they can be posed like this and not wake up!

Little Outlaw Emerson! This one cracks me up!

So - if anyone is wondering...HERE is how I get through it all - with a few things to look forward to at the end of the day...

In other news....Landen has been working!
He has a 'real job' where he is gone at the crack of dawn for several hours and then again in the evening. He has been moving pipe and also he got to help hold down the calfs during he has been absolutely EXHAUSTED and nearly every day in the middle of the day he falls asleep for several hours. This particular day he was on the little love seat in the front room and he looked so uncomfortable...but he was so dead that I couldn't get him to wake up and move up to his own bed! It does my heart good to see him working so hard.

This summer we have decided to have a "theme" each day of the week. 

So we have:

Mommy Mondays - where we take turns and I take each kid out with me 1:1 to do something fun.
Temple Tuesdays - Where we do something centered around temples - either doing baptisms, initiatory,  or visitor center, or just read about or look at new temples we don't know well.

Water Wednesdays - where we do something centered around getting wet! This particular day we decided to drive out to Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot and play in the water. Unfortunately, we got surprised with a wind and rain storm about 2.5 minutes after we arrived - so it was an extremely short trip!

C.C. has been coming with us on most of our "outings".

Sadie made some delicious home-made oreos all by herself and brought them with us to eat!

Playing on the "beach" in Blackfoot for our 3 minute activity!

Thirsty Thursdays - where we try to do something active that will make us thirsty (hiking, running, paying sports together in the yard, riding our bikes, etc.) We also try out a brand new drink recipe.

Fun  and Food Fridays - where we do something just for fun - like go to the Zoo, or bowling, etc. And we try a new food or make a fun recipe.

Service Saturdays - where we try to do something of service for someone else.

Sacred Sabbaths - where we obviously try to do something to focus of Christ and to pass off something in the Faith in God booklet or the Personal Progress or Duty to God books.

So far it has been great because the kids look forward to doing something each day, and it's still flexible and open enough for a lot of 'free time' for all of us!