Sunday, March 31, 2013

The story of our "C.C."

Here is an interesting tale to tell of our new family member who wags her tail...

So - a few months ago - my kids decided to hold a special Family Home Evening where they try to convince dad that we need to get a dog. Landen actually spent lots of time and effort researching and making lists and costs breakdowns and even a big power-point presentation on the benefits of pet-ownership for children, etc. It was classic!

Landen working on his power-point.

Sadie even joined the fun by making a cheering sign that was PRO-DOG! (And she is the most scared of dogs of  anyone I know!)

The bribe for daddy - one of his favorite candies - Cherry SOURS! Maelynn even bought Greg a bag of his favorite candies and told him, "If you let us get a puppy then I will give you a bag of your favorite candies every single day...for ONE day!"

Well - It was just an all-around funny FHE and we had lots of good laughs and memories from that night. At the end of the night - he agreed.

Due to Viki having terrible allergies to most dogs, we had to find a hypo-allergenic one. Also, because I really don't want to deal with ANY shedding or dog hairs anywhere, we wanted to find a completely non-shedding one. We had been eyeing a little bichon-frise puppy and had even been to see it a few days before. So, the very next day after that FHE - we went and picked her up!

She was a fluffy soft little white ball of a puppy - so we named her Cotton Candy! But - she is always just called C.C. for short!  She has so far been, well.... see for yourself....

Bringing home baby CC the first she is stepping out of the crate into her new home. She only weighed about 2 1/2 pounds at 8 weeks old when we got her!)

Maelynn holding CC for her first real picture!

Lane was a little apprehensive to hold her without a 'towel of protection' between him and the dog!

So - how did Emerson handle all of it, since he is the baby of the family?
Welll....see for yourself......

C.C. attacking Emerson in one of their 'wrestling matches'.....

Emerson laying down to play with CC......

CC jumping up and over Emerson....

Emerson just sitting on CC....

Emerson trying to lay on TOP of CC....

Emerson deciding to go ahead and get INSIDE the kennel with CC....
Miles was a bit more scared at first and preferred being in the cage SANS puppy...
(He is such a little cutie pie! Love that kid. And this is a rare picture to have of him without his fingers in his mouth!)

First trip to the vet for shots...
She was still so tiny - weighing in at only 2.9 pounds at 9 weeks...

And how is she adjusting to the family???

Emerson still holds her as much as he can....CC is not so sure how much she likes this and has begun to nip at him more and growl at him sometimes....

Someone rescued CC from Emerson and placed her on the back of the couch where he couldn't reach her!

Trying to pry CC away from Emerson...

The death-squeeze hug....

Poor little CC. She had NO CLUE what she was getting into....

Lane warming up to her and is now happy to hold her without the towel!

My thoughts on owning a puppy....

All in all it has been a learning experience.  There are moments of frustration when she needs to be taken out at night, or when she runs around like crazy bitting everyone/everything in sight and you can't catch her or get her to stop - BUT, she has taught me a lot of patience and she has been showing me how much one little animal can affect a family and she has for sure been a source of joy to us. We are happy to have her in the family. And we hope that we will be able to endure the puppy stage and enjoy the 'many benefits of pet-ownership on children' that we were promised in the Power Point Presentation!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

So - catching up is Soooooo not as cool as just staying in first place. I mean - it's like you are running a race with some friends in the park and you fall down and get behind, and then by the time you get up and start to run again you look forward and see how FAR YOU HAVE TO GO and it can be ever so discouraging.  It feels that way with my life sometimes, and especially with my blog/scrap booking/journaling, etc.

But - I gotta get a move on, regardless, so here goes a quick 2 month recap.

I have decided (like a whole 2 seconds ago) that for my monthly recaps I am going to do an "ABC" format for each month, trying to chose the most important events, things that stood out to me from that month - along with a section on how I actually felt about it.

January - 2013:
Things that we DID:
                                  A) Landen turned 14 and became a teacher
                                  B) Viki went to her mission reunion in SLC
                                  C) Maelynn received her Patriarchal blessing

                                 A) It is so hard for me to see Landen growing at an alarming rate. He has already surpassed me in height - but luckily, I can barely still beat him at an arm wrestle. (Yes, it was verified). He continues to be an amazing person who teaches me so much about how I need to be. My favorite things that he does for me lately is that whenever it is his turn to say the family prayers, he not only blesses that each of the kids will do well in school and that dad will do well at work, but he prays 'that the babies and the puppy will be good for mom at home'. I always have a smile on my lips when I utter 'amen'. LOVE THAT BOY!

                               B) Not knowing what to expect, exactly, but super excited to see my sweet mission president and his wife, I headed down to SLC. I got a ride with my friend Christina and that was so kind of her to do for me. The moment I found the designated church and walked into the chapel, I had 2 thoughts: 1: "The voice of that man speaking is really him...they are really here. I really LOVE and RESPECT those people and I can't wait to hug them again!" And 2: "I prooooobably shouldn't have worn jeans and keens tonight!" (I was QUITE under dressed for the occasion) - but it turned out to be symbolic to me of the fact that for the whole 18 months of my mission that I was required to wear dresses/skirts, it was one of the hardest challenges I faced. Not. Even. Kidding. - I. Hate. Skirts. Like. A. Lot.
   As the night progressed and they finished the talks and the Q&A in the chapel, we all moved into the cultural hall. I quickly queued up to be able to greet the Milders, and as soon as it was my turn, they grabbed me into such a warm embrace that I felt I could have just stayed there in that moment and never left - and all would be right with the world. The examples of strength and testimony and commitment to the Lord that those people have been to me has shaped my life tremendously, and I will forever be grateful for the association and friendship I have with them.

                              C) Patriarchal blessings are something that is very unique to our religion.  People can get them at whatever age they feel ready and mature enough to - if they are living righteous and worthy lives. I received my patriarchal blessing at a much younger age than the average member of the Church does, and it was because of a special circumstance where I was going to be leaving the country for several years and my parents really wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity of receiving it from my grandfather before I left, in the eventuality of his possible death while I was out of the country.  Truth be told, he ended up LONG surpassing the average life expectancy and stayed around to be a blessing to me for many years before he died. He was the most humble and righteous man I have ever met. I could do an entire post on my grandparents and their good good lives - but I digress. Needless to say, my blessing has been just that - a BLESSING - in my life. I have read and re-read it so many times it feels like it is nearly memorized. I carry a copy of it with me in my purse and refer to it often.
    So when Maelynn finally came to me one evening and told me she thought she was ready and wanted to get her Patriarchal blessing - my heart did a little 'happy dance' inside for her.  Our stake Patriarch was brother Guthrie at the time. (*it has since changed). He was actually home teaching partners with Greg at the time as well.  He is another great and humble man and I am sure that he was called of God. He was so kind and took the time to get to know Maelynn before the blessing and then proceeded to administer one of the most tender and real and powerful blessings that I have ever heard!
I pray that she will be able to look back with fondness on that spiritual night and use her blessing to help guide her through life's stormy seas! ;)

February 2013:

Things that we DID:
                                       A) Seth turned 12!!
                                       B) 3D Archery Shoot
                                       C) Ballroom Dance trip to Ogden, Ut.

                                A) So many awesome things come with turning 12 - especially when you are in the Mormon Faith. Seth got to graduate from Primary, earning his Faith in God award. He got to receive the Priesthood. (So amazing to me what trust the Lord puts in 12 year old boys.) He gets to start going to Young Men's. He gets to attend Mutual on Tuesday nights and occasionally even do 'combined activities with....wait for it...GIRLS! He gets to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. He also gets to go on the scout camp outs with the coolest, hottest, sweetest Scoutmaster ever! (Yes, I am allowed to say that since I am married to him!) I am sure proud of my sweet Seth for all the goodness he brings into the world. I love you, Seth.

                                B) This was only a one day event that didn't take up very much of the month. However, it was significant to me because it has re-kindled the love of shooting our bows  - you know, the ones that have been sitting in their cases for far too long. I actually wanted to go and do the shoot with Greg and Seth, but unfortunately it was being held inside of a large horse barn, so after stepping inside for about 2.5 minutes, I decided that breathing was more important than shooting my bow! Seth and Greg had fun and ended up purchasing a family membership to a new Archery club where we will be able to go and shoot our bows a lot more this year! Wahoo!

                                C) Maelynn is having so much fun with her Ballroom group, IBA, this year. They went to a competition down in Logan, Ut. and guess who volunteered to chaperon? Yup, Moi! It was so fun to drive down the family van, but instead of car seats and screaming and poopy diaper was 9 teenagers all laughing and talking and playing really loud music and dancing around and just being silly! I loved it. The team did great (placed 3rd with the team routine) and even staying at the hotel with those same crazy teenagers didn't prove to be too much. The drive home got a little bit rough with an unexpected snowstorm that swooped in - but we made it home safely. I hope that Maelynn continues to thrive in her group and make lots of good memories and friends from the experience.

Since I am still in March - I will wait for the "Monthly recap" till the end of the month. But so far, my favorite part of the month was definitely the 4 days that I got to spend in Mexico with my sweet hubby (and around 46 co-workers)!

We had a blast and it was so relaxing to just be able to sleep straight through the night, not change any poopy diapers or take puppies out to pee at 2 am, eat whatever food looked good without having to cook it or clean it up, and the free drinks around the clock - so delish. I LOVED the non-alcoholic margarita the best - there is just something super tasty about drinking lemony-lime goodness over a bit of salt on the rim of the cup - Mmmmmm! Mostly just laying in the warm sun and listening to the sounds of the ocean was such a gift. I will be 100% honest with you - I really didn't miss my kids at all. (I know - I'm a bad mom for thinking it, much less saying it...just tellin' it like it is, folks!)

   That whole scenario that was just described was only made possible because of the unselfish and caring deeds of my awesome in-laws, Paula and James. They came up to stay with my kids, 2 in diapers and a potty-training puppy to boot! They even had to take kids to their Piano Festival and dance recitals and the whole 9 yards. The only difference is that in addition to pulling off my job flawlessly, they also made delicious meals, treated my kids, and went way above and beyond what was needed. In fact, a few days after I had been home, Miles asked me when Grandma was coming back because he liked her better than me! I just looked at him like, "The feeling is mutual buddy. I sometimes like her better than me, too".   *big sigh*
     So far March has been a great month...I am really enjoying the majority of my life.
That's like at least 51%, right!! ;)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My extreme procrastination has brought me to this point.  My other blog finally reached the limit of "free pictures" which I was not aware of when I first created it. So - since I am nothing if not cheap - I decided to just start a new blog instead of paying to be able to post pictures to the old one. Plus - who doesn't love a fresh start, a 'tabula rasa' as it were for my foray into the blogging world. Speaking of which - I am going to have to try and set a goal for myself to keep up with this blogging and posting jazz - because no matter how many times I tell myself otherwise, it appears that my pile upstairs with over 4 years worth of pictures just aren't going to scrapbook themselves!  So - here we are at my new blog...

"At the End of the Day". I chose that title because the famous 'Les Mis' song snuck into my head and every time I sing it - I think to myself, "I don't want to just be another day OLDER at the end of the day, I want to be another day WISER as well." Also, because I am about 102% positive that I will always be posting on my blog at the END OF THE DAY - me being a night owl and such! And lastly, because whenever we sing the Primary birthday song that goes " year older and wiser too..." I always sing it instead as, " day older and wiser too...". I am not sure why I do that - but there is something in the concept of trying to focus on improving myself a little bit each day, becoming thus 'wiser' at the end of each day.

Thanks for reading. This blog is, of course,  mostly for my own journaling purposes, but it also helps to know that others may be reading my thoughts, you know, to encourage me with my 'goal' of posting more frequently than I have in the past. Feel free to 'follow me' or spread the word that my blog has changed. (Since I can't take time to mail out the "I've Moved!" postcards for my blog.)

First 'real' post coming this week.