Sunday, March 17, 2013

My extreme procrastination has brought me to this point.  My other blog finally reached the limit of "free pictures" which I was not aware of when I first created it. So - since I am nothing if not cheap - I decided to just start a new blog instead of paying to be able to post pictures to the old one. Plus - who doesn't love a fresh start, a 'tabula rasa' as it were for my foray into the blogging world. Speaking of which - I am going to have to try and set a goal for myself to keep up with this blogging and posting jazz - because no matter how many times I tell myself otherwise, it appears that my pile upstairs with over 4 years worth of pictures just aren't going to scrapbook themselves!  So - here we are at my new blog...

"At the End of the Day". I chose that title because the famous 'Les Mis' song snuck into my head and every time I sing it - I think to myself, "I don't want to just be another day OLDER at the end of the day, I want to be another day WISER as well." Also, because I am about 102% positive that I will always be posting on my blog at the END OF THE DAY - me being a night owl and such! And lastly, because whenever we sing the Primary birthday song that goes " year older and wiser too..." I always sing it instead as, " day older and wiser too...". I am not sure why I do that - but there is something in the concept of trying to focus on improving myself a little bit each day, becoming thus 'wiser' at the end of each day.

Thanks for reading. This blog is, of course,  mostly for my own journaling purposes, but it also helps to know that others may be reading my thoughts, you know, to encourage me with my 'goal' of posting more frequently than I have in the past. Feel free to 'follow me' or spread the word that my blog has changed. (Since I can't take time to mail out the "I've Moved!" postcards for my blog.)

First 'real' post coming this week.



  1. yay!!!! Can't wait. I see no place to follow you though...

  2. Love the idea behind the title! Well played