Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Easter 2013

Easter Came a bit early this year....in March (31st) which always feels a little bit weird. Anyhow.....

We decided to try and take the little boys to a 'real' egg hunt. Nothing too big like Tauphtaus Park or anything crazy - just something that wasn't our standby of throwing some plastic eggs in our own backyard! So - we went to the nursing home called Good Samaritan. Well - because we were running on Bailey standard time - we showed up about 45 seconds after it had started - and there were nearly no eggs left. It was insane! At least Lane was able to collect about 6 eggs or so and there was a really nice kid whose dad told her to give a few of her eggs to Miles, since he arrived late and didn't have any. That was the most heartwarming thing about that day. The other behaviors exhibited at the egg hunts by both the children and their parents were less than stellar.

So - after that epic fail - we decided to drive over to the egg hunt that was beginning at the Hope Lutheran Church. Well - as soon as we turned onto 12th street - we knew by the sheer number of cars that we were going to just keep on driving by and not even bother. There were about exactly 2.8 thousand kids all lined up like they were awaiting the battle cry to "charge" forward. I have been getting a little bit more sad over the years with the commercialism of traditional and spiritual holidays - but this year it was the worst - in my head anyhow. WOW!!

So - we decided that after all, it would be best just to go to our own back yard and also Tom's back yard (which used to be our back yard) and let the older kids hide a few plastic eggs for the younger kids to find. It was perfect. They really don't need anything more than that.

(*I keep trying to insert a video here of the kids, but it won't let me.....grrr*)

APRIL 1st, 2013 - "APRIL FOOL'S DAY!"

I used to love to play pranks on people when I was younger. (OK, so I still sorta like it.)

It appears that my boy Seth inherited that desire. He must have played about 9 or so different pranks on people in our home, and out of it as well.

Landen came down from his shower smelling really, um, PRETTY!! Apparently his hairspray had been switched out for Maelynn's perfume, and he didn't realize it.

Also, there was mustard inside of the toothpaste, vinegar with blue food coloring inside of the mouthwash, a penny secured up under the sink faucet. The kitchen sink sprayer was taped down and when someone turned on the water, half of the kitchen (including my cell phone) was drenched.

Then Maelynn and Seth decided to take a plate of  'cookies' over to the neighbors. Only problem is, they were actually doggie biscuits that were shaped like little gingerbread cookies. Turns out that three of their kids really ate them. YUCK! My kids are sooo mean. I don't think that the college-aged older sibling at their house could have been very amused by it. I may have to keep my head down for a few weeks in church. ;)

Aaaaaah - kids.

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  1. And this officialy seals my love for your kids! Th e pranks were epic!