Sunday, January 11, 2015


I honestly feel so grateful for the technology that allows me to enjoy and learn from the wonderful Sunday evening devotionals that are being put on around the world by awesome speakers.
Tonight's was by Randall L. Ridd. It was amazing and you should all watch it here.

Thought I would share some of my 'quick notes' that I jotted down from it.

*The youth today is called Generation Y.  They have instantaneous access to basically everything, While this is generally a blessing, it can also cause some problems, like not being able to make a decision and stick to it. He called this "Decision Paralysis" due to too many choices and to the fact that things become obsolete so quickly.

*We are all becoming more and more easily distracted.  The best antidote to distraction = living with purpose, having real intent.

*Ponder the "Why".  It is far better to look forward and ask yourself, "Why would I do that?" than to have to look back and say "Why? Oh why did I do that?"

*So many times we are distracted when we could have acted. The ability to focus, helps us to avoid distractions.

*Best way to avoid distractions is to be anxiously engaged in a good cause.  Don't spend time focused on climbing a mountain only to decide you've climbed the wrong one.

*Inspired thoughts produce good deeds, and good deeds produce other good deeds,... and so on and so forth...eternally.

*There is great power in the compounding effect of little things that we do each day.

*Satan leads us slowly and imperceptibly off the path.

*Our challenge is that sometimes we look at others and see the 'perfect family' and don't see the small daily acts that got them there.

*Simple daily disciplines repeated over and over again = spiritual power.  The small things are easy to do, but are also easy NOT to do. 

*If you really understand the WHY behind these following three things, you would make them a TOP priority in your life.
1. REMEMBER!!!...Not only while taking the sacrament, but ALWAYS.
2. PRAY: the real purpose of prayer is to open TWO-way communication with the Lord - with the         real intent to do whatever He directs us to do.
3. Study the SCRIPTURES - this primes the pump of personal revelation. This is HOW we grow to know     the mind and will of the Lord.

*Most consequences, positive and negative, come LATER, over time - but they will come!

*The compounding effect of the little daily things can be the difference between having a difficult life of struggles and being immensely successful and fulfilling the purpose of your life.

*Let the Savior wipe the slate clean. Repent with REAL INTENT.

*Put the power of compounding with daily disciplines in your life today.  Ponder these three questions:

1. Can you do it?
2. Will it work?
3. Is it worth it?

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